Saturday, 28 June 2008

Shoud I Stay Or Should I Go?

The title to the hit song by The Clash could well be the theme song of millions of South Africans as they ponder emigration as an option. I was delighted to find the following letter in the May issue of Your Child magazine. The name of the author was unfortunately withheld at the author's request.

I recently had to say goodbye to a very dear friend emigrating to Australia. Our children were born a few weeks apart. I was once again confronted with the question that has come up a thousand time since our children were born. Should we be raising our children in this country?

I am able to work only part-time, so I spent a lot of time with my children. They have been blessed with four fantastic and very involved grandparents.Our domestic worker is part of our family and our children adore her. If we ever emigrate I will probably become the main income earner and my children will have to be raised by teachers and nannies. They will be in a strange country, always outsiders.

I cannot do this to my children. We are staying, and we make the following pledge to our children:

* We will remain positive about the country but will make them aware of the negative side too.

* We will make our lives as secure as we can.

* We will give them the best education possible.

* We will travel as much as we can so that they can experience other countries...

and we will teach them to switch off the lights in the morning and not to use too much hot water.

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