Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Run Your PC on Freeware Only

Besides a Windows operating system, could you run your PC entirely on freeware? is a cornucopia of freeware and is a great starting point should you be looking for quality software available at no charge.

There is a particularly interesting list of 51 Essential Freeware Programs which is followed by a long list of reader comments filled with suggestions and comments.

Some of these programs I have used, but most of them are new to me and I will be using several over the coming weeks.

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Walton said...

Why not just run Ubuntu? I run it on my laptop and use nothing else. It's better than Windows, and you don't have to look for free software because everything is free and available to you through the package manager.

Arthur said...

@walton - thanks for your comment. Ubuntu is definitely an option but I think many PC users are a little afraid of tinkering with the operating system!

Karl Hadwen said...

Many people belive Linux or FreeBSD is better than windows, but thats just self opinion. PC (Windows) is based around user friendly, easy to access email, type documents and other day to day things that are accessed by the average user.

Linux and freebsd and mac are based around freeware and only take up around 10% of the market (all 3 OS's) where as windows takes around 90%.

Everything is down to personal preference and as a Windows/Linux user my self I love both =D! I'm soon going to get a mac because I think there a great OS too and have great hardware.

I do belive it's possible to run of freeware on many Operating systems.

Thanks for the site will favourtie it for when I go over to linux in the morning. Nice blog btw keep it up ;)