Friday, 12 June 2009

Tomorrow Is Another Country - The inside story of the end of apartheid

While at home struggling to shake a nasty flu virus I have taken the opportunity to read a book which has been on my shelf for some time. That book is Tomorrow Is Another Country: The Inside Story of South Africa's Road to Change by Allister Sparks.

It tells the inside story of a country teetering on the brink of civil war, of secret meetings and clandestine talks in hotel basements, of political maneouvering and the cut and thrust of political parties all eager to have their way in a new-look South Africa. This book reveals the background to the talks that paved the way for our first democratic election and gives insight into the minds of those in positions of power across the political spectrum.

The book is clearly well-researched and is well-balanced although it is clear that Mr Sparks leans towards the left. I have thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommend it to all who have the slightest interest in South African politics. In fact, every South African should read this book as it allows us to reflect on what is and what could have been.

It would not suprise me if a movie is not made based on this book as it certainly rivals any John le Carré thriller!

I am a proud South African - perhaps now a more well-informed South African as well. I highly recommend this book.

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