Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Shopping - Can't People Read?

This normally bugs me but perhaps it was the busyness of the local Pick 'n Pay that just underlined the problem - a long queue of people with trolley-loads of groceries and other mechandise at the tills marked "Express -10 items or less" and "Baskets only".

I don't know about you, but I get really ticked off when people are arrogant enough to think that their need to get out of a busy supermarket is more important than anyone else's. Do they not realise that other shoppers are also tired, hungryand needing to leave? I also cannot understand why the tellers or other staff, including management, do not ask the offending customer to move to another till to allow those who can read the signs to move quickly through the tills.

Whatever happened to common courtesy and good manners? What happened to customer satisfaction before profit margins?

This may sound naive and idealistic but I still believe in these old-fashioned values. When we start putting others before ourselves, the world may just become a more pleasant place!

On a far more practical note - in this busy shopping season, why are there not more managers on the floor checking that the tills are moving swiftly and that customers are not being selfish and obnoxious?


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