Wednesday, 17 December 2008

For Those Who Don't Understand Afrikaans...

Most South Africans speak at least two languages, many speak three or more. The Afrikaans language is one of eleven offical languages in South Africa. It is a wonderfully descriptive language and direct translation from Afrikaans to English often provides humourous results.

This was given to me by a friend so the source is unknown. If you can read and understand Afrikaans, you'll enjoy this!

1) Verlede jaar het ek en my swaer en my skoonseun per vliegtuig na Windhoek gereis om veral die dierelewe van Namibie te besigtig.

Last year, me and my heavy and my cleanson traveled by flying harness to Windcorner specially to belook the animal-living in Namibia.

2) In die Noorde het ons toe volop springbokke, steenbokke, biesbokke, kameelperde en ook meerkatte gesien.

In the North we then saw full-up jumping goats, brick buck, bald buck, camel horses and also more cats.

3) Een keer was ons senuwees egter skoon op hol.

One time genuine our sinews were clean on hollow.

4) Ons het agtergekom dat 'n luiperd besig was om ons te bekruip.

We aftercame that a lazy-horse was becreeping us.

5) In 'n oomblik was ons slaggereed met ons dubbelloop haelgewere.

In an uncle-tin we were slaughter ready with our double-walk hail guns.

6) Toe die luiperd agter die bos roer, skiet ons almal gelyk.

When the lazy-horse mixed behind the bush, we all shot equal.

7) Na alles verby was, was ons hare baie deurmekaar. Ons het dit toe netjies gemaak, in die bakkie geklim en huis toe gery.

After all was past, our hairs were very through each other. We then made it into small nets, we climbed in the dish and rode home.

8) Langs die pad het ons 'n papwiel gekry.

Along the road we got a porridge wheel.

9) So het ons lang, opwindende dag geeindig.

So did our long wound-up day end.


Tania said...

This is a variant of a story which I first came across some decades ago, which featured "ek en my swaer, Jan" (me and my heavy, John) who went hunting "stinkmuishonde met 'n dubbelloophaelgweer" (stink mouse-dogs, with a double-walk hail gun). The present story is no less funny, I must say.

Arthur said...

@Tania - Thanks for the comment - I just love the "stink-mouse dogs" in your version of the story!!

Stii said...

Yes-no, I taste it!

Arthur said...

@Stii - I taste it sweet too!

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