Saturday, 27 December 2008

Another Road Tunnel For The Cape?

The 3.9km long Huguenot Tunnel extends the N1 through the DuToits Kloof mountains and provides a shorter and safer link between the towns of Paarl and Worcester. It was opened in March 1998 and for the past 20 years has served thousands of motorists and truckers.

Over the past number of years the ever-increasing traffic volumes have increased concerns about the safety of both the infrastructure and the air quality inside the tunnel. It is noticeable when driving through the tunnel during busy periods that the air quality is poor and I have often wondered how safe it is to be breathing in noxious exhaust fumes.

I was therefore pleased to read that plans are underway to develop a second tunnel to complement the existing one. Both tunnels would be one-way roads and the second would have a world-class air-conditioning system installed. The existing tunnel's air-conditioning system would be upgraded after the building of the second.

Construction is expected to commence in 2010 and will contribute R963 000 towards toll income. More importantly and extra 280 permanent jobs will be created upon its completion. Over 200 jobs will be created during the six months of construction.

The project is estimated to cost R1.2 billion. However I would expect this cost to increase by the time the project draws to completion.

I am excited about the ongoing road construction and infrastructure upgrades I see in Cape Town and surrounds. Much of this will be seen as part of the legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup but I believe that, more than this, it is part of the ongoing development of Cape Town into a truly world-class city. The ongoing challenges of poverty alleviation and job creation are ever-present but it seems the city is on the right track.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Free Christmas Music - download full album

Thanks to Brian Ibbott of Coverville (one of my favourite podcasts), I present to you the full album "Ride on Santa" by The Priestess and The Fool - Click here to download.

The download includes Mp3's, cover art and a PDF digibooklet.

You can also head on over to Eish for another free Christmas album from the Garritan Community - Click here to find the download link for this great album.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Shopping - Can't People Read?

This normally bugs me but perhaps it was the busyness of the local Pick 'n Pay that just underlined the problem - a long queue of people with trolley-loads of groceries and other mechandise at the tills marked "Express -10 items or less" and "Baskets only".

I don't know about you, but I get really ticked off when people are arrogant enough to think that their need to get out of a busy supermarket is more important than anyone else's. Do they not realise that other shoppers are also tired, hungryand needing to leave? I also cannot understand why the tellers or other staff, including management, do not ask the offending customer to move to another till to allow those who can read the signs to move quickly through the tills.

Whatever happened to common courtesy and good manners? What happened to customer satisfaction before profit margins?

This may sound naive and idealistic but I still believe in these old-fashioned values. When we start putting others before ourselves, the world may just become a more pleasant place!

On a far more practical note - in this busy shopping season, why are there not more managers on the floor checking that the tills are moving swiftly and that customers are not being selfish and obnoxious?

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Get Your South African Music Here

South African popular musicians continue to grow in stature on the international scene. Most South Africans however appear to be surprisingly ignorant of the weatlh of talent within our borders. I applaud Eish for his Friday SA Music Spotlight on his blog - I have discovered some interesting artists through this initiative.

If you are wanting more though, I would suggest a visit to - South African Music Portal, Presence and Promotion.

Created by Brian Currin and Stephen Segerman of Mabu Vinyl, this site grew out of the well-known and much-loved SA Rock Digest.

If you are looking for homegrown music of any genre, this site would be a good place to start your search.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

For Those Who Don't Understand Afrikaans...

Most South Africans speak at least two languages, many speak three or more. The Afrikaans language is one of eleven offical languages in South Africa. It is a wonderfully descriptive language and direct translation from Afrikaans to English often provides humourous results.

This was given to me by a friend so the source is unknown. If you can read and understand Afrikaans, you'll enjoy this!

1) Verlede jaar het ek en my swaer en my skoonseun per vliegtuig na Windhoek gereis om veral die dierelewe van Namibie te besigtig.

Last year, me and my heavy and my cleanson traveled by flying harness to Windcorner specially to belook the animal-living in Namibia.

2) In die Noorde het ons toe volop springbokke, steenbokke, biesbokke, kameelperde en ook meerkatte gesien.

In the North we then saw full-up jumping goats, brick buck, bald buck, camel horses and also more cats.

3) Een keer was ons senuwees egter skoon op hol.

One time genuine our sinews were clean on hollow.

4) Ons het agtergekom dat 'n luiperd besig was om ons te bekruip.

We aftercame that a lazy-horse was becreeping us.

5) In 'n oomblik was ons slaggereed met ons dubbelloop haelgewere.

In an uncle-tin we were slaughter ready with our double-walk hail guns.

6) Toe die luiperd agter die bos roer, skiet ons almal gelyk.

When the lazy-horse mixed behind the bush, we all shot equal.

7) Na alles verby was, was ons hare baie deurmekaar. Ons het dit toe netjies gemaak, in die bakkie geklim en huis toe gery.

After all was past, our hairs were very through each other. We then made it into small nets, we climbed in the dish and rode home.

8) Langs die pad het ons 'n papwiel gekry.

Along the road we got a porridge wheel.

9) So het ons lang, opwindende dag geeindig.

So did our long wound-up day end.