Friday, 22 June 2007

Digital Photos Don't Last Forever

You've been on the holiday of a lifetime. As a card-carrying member of the digital age you remembered to pack your fancy new digital camera and set off to explore a new destination. At each airport, each bus-stop, each restuarant, each hotel and every other place in-between you snapped away happy in the knowledge that, once home, you could upload your photos to your computer and print those you required to show off to neighbours, friends and anyone else who would listen to your travel tales.

All is well until a week after coming home, your hard drive crashes and your local PC techie gives you the bad news that your entire hard drive is corrupted. Even worse news is that you did not save your photos to any removable media! All those shots lost in the midst of a fried hard drive!

If only you had gone to FlyPhoto! This is a service for South Africans that allows you to upload your photos to their servers where they will be kept for safe-keeping. Once uploaded you can choose which prints you wish in hard copy and they will print them for you in sizes of your choice from as little as R2 per print. If you are in Cape Town you can collect your prints from their office otherwise they will be couriered or sent fastmail to you for a very reasonable fee.

Most people do not have a high quality colour photo printer at home and who knows if your software will be compatible in 20 years' time. Printing photos through these guys just seems to make good sense - they promise prints of the highest quality as they use top-end printing machines. This from their web-site :

FlyPhoto prints, however, are certified archiveable and guaranteed to last for 80 years if properly cared for. All our photographs are of the highest quality, developed by state-of-the-art Fuji printers at Orms - South Africa's leading expert in all things photographic. What's more, we deliver your photos right to your door, which means all you have to do is click and then relax.
Sounds like a great service - can't wait to try it out...

Update - FlyPhoto have offered 10 free jumbo prints to all readers of this blog - see post here

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Sam said...

Hi Arthur

Thanks for the comments. We really do believe in our service helping people preserve their memories beyond computer upgrades, hard drive crashes and the inexorable march of technology that will render your current photo viewing software obsolete before you know it.

To get you started, we're giving away 10 free jumbo prints to anyone who reads this blog. Just use the voucher below when you login to and you will automatically be credited with free prints.


Happy printing!

Sam Duncan
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