Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Frozen Radioactive Finches!

Last night saw the first true snowfall in Johannesburg for 26 years! Listeners to 702 Talk Radio sent in pictures to the station illustrating how much snow fell. My own car needed to be cleared of hard ice before I could drive off this morning!

It seems the unusual weather makes people do very strange things! As I listened to the radio this afternoon I was amazed to hear the story of a lady whose son left two finches outside in their cage during the cold snowy night. In the morning the finches were apparently frozen solid! To rectify the situation she put the finches into the microwave to "defrost" them. According to her, the birds are now 'fine'!!

I wonder sometimes at the intelligence of some people! Has she never heard of radiation sickness? These birds have effectively been given lethal doses of radiation. Did she not think to wrap the birds up and place them in a warm room?

Don't look now, but isn't there a strange glow coming from the bird cage?

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Walton said...

You like exclamation marks!