Friday, 06 July 2007

New Blog Of The Week - #1

I would like to introduce a new feature on this blog - "New Blog Of The Week". This will be a new blog relating to South Africa which just happens to take my interest. No fancy judging criteria, no points for style or content - it must just appeal to me! Hey, I author the site so I get to choose! Of course any submissions via email will also be considered!

I am considering a badge which could be displayed on the winning blog showing their new status as the OnlineTrek New Blog Of The Week. Any thoughts on this are welcome!

So then ... onto this week's winner!

"Holiday Blog" - this is a very new site which highlights various holiday destinations in South Africa. The site is easy on the eye and, if updated on a regular basis, could become a favourite amongst blog readers looking for a place to spend on holiday. With the Christmas holidays not many months away, the authors of this blog need to ensure consistent, regular postings to ensure a loyal readership who will utilise their services in the months to come.

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