Thursday, 26 July 2007

New Blog Of The Week - #4

(A day earlier than normal - going way until Saturday!)

This week's featured site deals with a subject that generates much discussion and debate, perhaps more so in the South African context - Transracial adoption.

The site is known as Adoptree and is a place for those with adopted children to share their stories, gain inspiration from the stories of others and find resources to assist them in their parenting.

Visitors can choose between these pages :

* Articles, TV, Plays etc
* Adoption Around The World
* Who can I contact about adopting?
* Upcoming events
* What can I do to help?
* Stories
* Interesting Reads

This site has tremendous potential to become the place to go to for those considering adoption or who may already be parenting an adopted child.

I really also want to highlight what is on the Upcoming Events page as the event to raise funds for the Princess Alice Children's Home in Johannesburg has been organised by two Grade 7 boys from The Ridge School -

Family Kite Day - 29 July 2007 - Fundraising for Princess Alice
Adoption Home.

Bring your own kites and picnic baskets. We are holding a kite flying
and family picnic day to raise funds for The Princess Alice Adoption Home. Not
only is it a kite flying day but also a day for young boys and girls to

Soft drinks and Danish hot dogs will be on sale to supplement your
picnic basket.

All profit from this special day will go to The Princess Alice Adoption
Home’s babies in need.
This will be a great day for all!

Date: Sunday 29th July 2007
Venue: A beautiful farm south of
Johannesburg (± 30 minute drive) see map attached.
Time: 10.30am-
Entrance fee: R15 Adults R10 Children

For bookings and collection of tickets please contact
011 646 5641 or
Michele 082 883 2411
Noelle 082 568 2226
Please RSVP by
the 22nd July 2007

This event has been initiated by Nicholas Benecke and Murray Conway,
two Grade Seven boys at The Ridge School as part of their Leadership Programme.

NPO no. 000566

Looks like a great way to have a fun day with the family and help a worthy institution. Why not make it a day with the family this coming Sunday?

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