Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Where Can I See The Aeroplanes?

I am a commercial aviation fan! Fun on a Sunday afternoon involves packing the family into the car and heading off to either Lanseria or OR Tambo International Airports!

I was very disappointed at OR Tambo yesterday when I discovered that at least 50% of the available space to stand and watch aeroplanes landing and taking off has been taken away. There is already precious little space to watch the planes and this has just made it even harder. You can now barely see the international section and the view of the domestic planes is restricted too.

I cannot understand this - surely ACSA must realise the economic effect of having people stay longer in the airport to see their loved ones take off to some or other destination? Many people come along to watch the planes with their children and I have seen plane spotters there armed with cameras and logbooks on many occasions. The longer they stay in the airport, the more likely they are to spend money at the various stores.

The international security climate aside, surely it is in the interests of ACSA to make the viewing of the comings and goings on of its airports accessible?

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